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Boudicca Wode

Boudicca Wode Eau De Parfum

Boudicca Wode Eau De Parfum

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Instantly impactful, Wode is fiercely erotic, with a richly sensual radiance, it’s the latest creation from ‘nose’ Geza Schoen; the genius behind the world-famous Escentric Molecules range.

Incredibly complex, with a multi-layered structure, Wode’s warm, voluptuous heart is shot through with resins and woods that evoke shadowy northern forests.

Its name is derived from woad – an intense blue plant extract used by ancient Britons to paint themselves with tribal markings. “Scent too marks you as one of a tribe” says Zowie Broach of BOUDICCA, “but its uniqueness is that it marks you invisibly.” This tribal quality is reflected by the packaging; (designed by Me Company) features tribal tattoo patterns, laser-etched into a micro-textured foil for an exquisite, hyper-modern take on luxury.
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