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Bird & Wolf

Etoile Camouflage Army Jacket

Etoile Camouflage Army Jacket

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We are so excited to welcome this ethical brand to The Guild. Original army apparel, re-worked into unique and super cool wearable jackets that will transform any outfit.

Please note, the product photo shown is representative of the jacket and may not be the exact item you receive. Due to the nature of the item, each piece is unique with slight variations in features and details which add to its character. If you have any queries, please do let us know.

Founder of Bird & Wolf Em Roberts: ‘When I was searching where to source  army style  jackets I was looking as far as China and beyond. Suddenly,  I realised the answer was almost staring me in the face. Use the real thing – ex army apparel. Not only do I feel that the durability and the quality surpasses a lot of todays factory made clothes, the sustainability factor was a no brainer. As someone who buys a lot of vintage and second hand clothes, to utilise clothes that were already there seems to me to be a very ethical and sensible thing to do.’

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