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Tilly Sveaas

Medium Silver Oval Linked Bracelet

Medium Silver Oval Linked Bracelet

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Timeless statement jewellery with design purity, individuality and sustainability at its core. "This is not seasonal, fast fashion. Tilly Sveaas is more than just jewellery, it is about bringing a sense of adventure, soul and timeless style to your identity."

Ethically sourced gold and silver from environmentally conscious suppliers: The solid sterling silver is 925 stamped, and used in the chains which are gold plated from UK certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council with a promised anti-tarnish seal from an Italian REACH* certified manufacturer. 

Project Earth Certification, furthering the transparency between the consumer and producer.

The medium oval link bracelet is hand carved in solid sterling silver, weighing 53 grams and measuring 19.5 cm’s in length. Designed as a stand alone statement piece but equally perfect for stacking with mixed metals and other bracelets from the Tilly Sveaas collection.

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