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Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 Trio Gift Set

Molecule 01 Trio Gift Set

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A cult fragrance and our all-time favourite scent at The Guild. Created with a single ingredient, Iso E Super, the minimal effect of Molecule 01 hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura round the wearer. Comforting, cocooning and addictive.

100ml bottle - The original, full-sized Molecule 01 bottle.

30ml portable bottle - Perfect for travel and on the go, includes protective case and lid.

200ml body wash - Designed as a base layer that works in conjunction with the Escentric Molecule fragrance to to energise, moisturise, cleanse. Paraben and sulphate-free.

Beautifully wrapped in our luxe 32 The Guild gift box.

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