How To Navigate The Sale

How To Navigate The Sale

When it comes to sale shopping, I believe it should fall into one of two camps. It should either be done with wild abandon or it should be a carefully considered purchase. The wild abandon option for me is an extravagant item that I wouldn't normally be able to afford or justify but at a reduced price becomes seductively within my reach. Take the Queen & Belle Sonora cashmere cardigan
A total blowout piece of luxury, a cashmere investment to treasure for years. At half price in the sale it is still an investment but would be an incredible wardrobe addition to almost treat like an heirloom. Then you have those considered sale pieces. Items like the Organic Basics Grey Tencel t-shirt. At half price these t-shirts are a no brainer. Beautiful quality, simple organic t-shirts, wardrobe workhorses to wear under blazers or simply with denim cutoffs. Does what it says on the tin. Lastly, I like to look for clever sale purchases. Pieces that are in the sale that are core styles (basically you will see them again in a different colour option or pattern next season) I like to look for styles that I know will be perfect a bit later on. Take this as a perfect example - the Isabel Marant Étoile - Harveli Honey Check Jacket. Crazy I know to think about buying a fleece/ wool coat when everyone is talking holidays and sandals but this is a brilliant time to snap up a bargain for next season. I know I will love wearing this as it starts to get cooler ( not wishing the summer away) and that I will see similar styles at full price in the shops for A/W. I love a clever sale purchase. So, something to think about when navigating the sea of sales. Go big or go clever.


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