INTRODUCING... Just landed cult fave, Wyse London

INTRODUCING... Just landed cult fave, Wyse London

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There's nothing we love more than finding a beautiful brand that aligns with what we love, which was why we fell head over heels for Wyse London and their seriously gorgeous knits. Featuring dreamy shapes, heavenly textures and rich colour palettes, the brand combines the three for a unique aesthetic built on the premise that beautiful cashmere needn't be dull, nor cost the earth.


Cosy cashmere jumpers and easy-to-love loungers

Pulling on her heritage, founder Marielle has spoken of the brand being influenced by the chic elegance of her French mother, while embracing the character and quirk that she sees in British style. This means you'll find chic shapes lifted by individual details, from jewel colours to sequin touches to a little "esprit libre" inspired fun.

This season we're also craving the comfort of their Lucie rainbow loungers, which we have in their grey and navy blue shades – they feature dreamy stripes and an easy, comfortable fit.
We're not the only ones who love Wyse's eye for style... some of our most-drooled over bloggers are big fans, including 32 The Guild girl crush Fran Bacon, pictured above), and everyone's fave Zoe Ball is a devotee too.
We're especially enamoured with the brand's style ethos: " It's not about money, it's how you put it together." The Guild has always sought to buck against fast fashion; we think you should be able to treasure pieces that you truly love, and that will stay in your wardrobe season on season.

Wyse London's goal of creating pieces that make people turn around to ask where your outfit is from is one we can more than get behind; head over to shop the full collection here.


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