Born in London - Bred in Mongolia

Born in London - Bred in Mongolia

With this crazy heat wave we are having it's mad to think we are starting to receive AW17 pieces! Though with the sun shining one minute and then it raining the next, a few key layers are always essential if you're living in England. Good job we have just received the amazing Jumpers1234.

Now I must admit I didn't really know much about the London based Cashmere jumper company, other than they are pretty trendy and super soft. However on further investigation I realise that this is not just another cashmere jumper.

Designed in London by a group of friends who wanted to create something timeless yet exciting for women, they source and make in Mongolia supporting the Nomadic herdsman and their families. Using traditional hand combing methods the goat is only combed once it begins to moult naturally in March, creating a beautiful, natural sustainable fabric.

"Our pieces are not just the result of talented technologists, they are the workings of artisans who have years of experience knitting cashmere... This craftsmanship is a guarantee that the piece you have will retain its look and feel for years to come. A product that is a reflection of the land that it comes from and the people who created it.

 Did I mention they are machine washable?

 Well we're sold.



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