Just Landed: Grenson's New Vegan Range

Just Landed: Grenson's New Vegan Range

New Grenson Vegan Range

Left: The Grenson Vegan Nanette Boot |  Right: The Grenson Vegan Emily Brogue

New In: Grenson's New Vegan Nanette Boot & Emily Brogue

It's official! Grenson's highly requested vegan range has arrived in-store and we have been beyond impressed by their quality and ethics, from tip to toe... Here's a little look at how Grenson have overcome all the challenges found in designing stunning cruelty-free footwear, as well as an introduction to our new favourites.

Just as gorgeous, just as Grenson  

If you've compared any cruelty-free alternatives to genuine leather in the past, you're no doubt familiar with the disappointing differences that can be found between the two. Vegan leather can appear plastic and unappealing; often it will feel too smooth and appear too shiny, compromising the luxurious look that real leather can provide.

Grenson have done their due diligence and dug deep for a range that is a match on feel and quality; the Nanette boot and Emily brogue are all but indistinguishable from their regular range counterparts… The Guild’s resident vegan chick Anna genuinely couldn’t believe they weren’t the originals.

In a lovely touch, Grenson have thoughtfully made spotting the difference a little easier by switching the red insole to green for the new collection.

Grenson Emily Brogue

But what about their “afterlife”?

Another huge challenge: most mainstream vegan alternatives are made from plastic and other synthetic materials that simply won’t break down the way that organic fabrics (such as leather) can do. This means that while vegan footwear might be a brilliant move in many ways, the “afterlife” of the product (what happens when it is disposed of) will be less environmentally friendly than leather.

But it’s another issue that the new Grenson vegan range has overcome; the new styles are made from materials that are not only natural, but are biodegradable and recyclable too. The brand spent years in research and development, and we are incredibly glad they took the time to tick every box.

Grenson Vegan Black Nanette Boots

...how do they wear though?

That’s the most elegant way we can say “will they become sweaty and unappealing”, an experience that is the norm for plastic-based footwear. Synthetics can have a multitude of issues for the wearer, which was why Grenson set out to create a vegan leather that would be breathable, washable and antibacterial too… music to our ears, and a huge relief for our heels.

They’re lightweight to wear, durably made and much more resistant to damage than other alternatives.

Emily Brogue

The classic Grenson Nanette boot and the chic Emily brogue

Great news for Grenson Nanette boot lovers: the bestselling black hikers are now available in our new collection, a style that has been a fave among the most stylish cool cats. No cumbersome and clobbery soles in sight – they’re easy to wear and easy to love.

We also adore the white Grenson Emily brogues that have arrived in-store too; they are a stunning, chic yet quirky addition to any outfit that needs some character. Beautifully finished, no detail has been overlooked, just like their vegan Nanette siblings... we are in love.


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