Our At-Home Rituals

Our At-Home Rituals

We’ve been really investing in our rituals lately; taking time to do the small things that have been helping to make a big difference. Time for ourselves can be hard to find, but we’re hoping to make the most of our downtime and find ways to unwind.

With time being spent at home, we’ve been making choices that help our spaces feel fresher as we head out of the door less. Simply taking time to rearrange prints and photos on our walls, shifting around furniture to change the layout of our rooms, and taking the chance to start our spring clean has helped to ease that “cooped up” feeling that comes from spending extended periods at home.

Simple habits like sneaking in a spell in the tub, digging into a read we've read and love, making a breakfast we enjoy all ground us whatever is happening outside. 

The Guild’s photographer & web nerd Anna came down with tonsillitis midway through the month and has been especially into her candles ever since… Using scents to shift how a space feels has always been one of The Guild’s go-to moves to create a mood at home, and we’re all doing so now more than ever.

We’re all ears to hear about which rituals, routines or shifts you’re making now… Drop us a comment or DM; we’d love to hear from you.

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