Our Workout Favourites

Our Workout Favourites

We’re not quite ready to call ourselves exercise lovers at The Guild (as we enjoy a chilled evening with wine somewhat more than we do a workout), but nonetheless we all like to get a healthy sweat on throughout the week.

Zoie, Amy and Anna are all members of our beloved hot yoga studio, with Zoie and Amy having done a successful job of getting Anna onboard last year. Our fellow yogis could no doubt attest to our love of The Guild’s activewear brand, LNDR, whose pieces are forever in our gym bags. 

Since 2015 LNDR have been creating pieces that are as function-ready as they are style-forward, and we absolutely love the range. Comfortable, breathable and refreshingly well-made, their fabric is also far from the flimsy options we’ve suffered elsewhere – you can shop the collection here.


Our at-home workouts call for some online assistance, with YouTube’s exercise offerings providing a solid stop-gap… Online yoga and pilates are our current go-to choices, but other suggestions are always welcomed!

Running has always been a sporadic constant (contradiction we know), as Zoie and Anna have both enjoyed runs for the last few years in particular and found it to be a ritual they always come back to after any break. Veja’s sneaker range steps up once more, as their running trainers bring the Brazilian brand’s signature quality and sustainability, with a tried and tested edge. Lighter than their regular counterparts, they’re perfectly finished and ready for the road. Veja’s research into creating trainers that are perfect for action pays off, put into stylish designs we’re loving.

You can take a look at our LNDR activewear range here, and head over to take a peek at Veja’s sneaker collection here.

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