Shamelessly + Stylishly Ethical

Shamelessly + Stylishly Ethical

Bird and Wolf


It's been so brilliant to see the rise of slow, ethical and sustainable fashion as a pushback against the fast fashion industry, with the shift becoming ever more powerful in the last couple of years. Today we're highlighting three 32 The Guild brands leading the way, who you should most definitely know about...


First up are Bird + Wolf, whose designs offer more than unique style. Created from original army apparel, each piece is completely unique and proudly gender neutral. We love the shameless cool that their jackets add to any outfit, and their exceptional quality further underlines their sustainability credentials. They're one of our favourite brands in-store.


Jumper 1234


We're also longtime lovers of Jumper 1234, whose cashmere pieces are made to incredibly high standards, both in the quality of their creation and in the way that the cashmere itself is sourced. They work with the nomadic herdsmen of Mongolia, ensuring that they can support their lives as well as the lives of their families. Each jumper is made to last, and their softness is truly unparalleled.




Finally, Veja remain our most popular sneakers and we're incredibly inspired by their values too. Details of running a sustainable business that many would overlook are at the heart of their working practices: they challenge gender equality, pay fair wages, work with ecological materials and ensure they work with banks, suppliers and energy services that reflect their ethics. It's rare to see a brand put as much consideration into their values as in their designs, yet Veja do both simply brilliantly.


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