Spring Suiting

Spring Suiting

You will no doubt have noticed the prevalence of tailoring recently. Here at 32 The Guild we have fully embraced the look. After so long luxuriating in loungewear - the move to tailoring feels welcome and fresh. Be it a blazer worn with denim or embracing a jacket and trousers, it's a look that can be adapted to so many occasions.

A simple blazer and trousers can look casual and chic worn with a t-shirt and trainers, but swap the sneakers for a heel and the t-shirt for a bodysuit and you have a striking outfit that can take you to cocktails and beyond. Wear the blazer on its own with denim and ballet pumps or wear the trousers on their own with sneakers and a t-shirt. The subtle addition of some form of tailoring will bring freshness to your spring looks - it's a really easy way of updating your wardrobe.

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