Sustainable Style, Selected...

Sustainable Style, Selected...

Sustainable Fashion Veja Samsoe Samoe

We are so pleased to see so many brands leading the way in a new, environmental direction for style. At The Guild we are joined by stylish brands doing things differently, including Samsoe SamsoeVejaJ BrandHarris WharfToasties, and more.

Today's edit is about brands bringing together style and conscious choices, in pieces we love.

J Brand Denim Eco Wash Sustainable


Our long time faves just released an eco wash offering, with two of their latest styles being made with up to 99% less water... We highly approve.
Veja Fashion Sustainability


Beloved by you, and beloved by us too, Veja sneakers are the perfect example of how ethics can be part of your aesthetic. We have long loved their radical transparency, carefully sourcing rubber from sustainable sources and their values spill over into their care for their production teams too.


Designed in Paris and crafted by artisans in recycled wool and sheepskin recovered from luxury brands, Toasties create vibrant and functional accessories with a focus on eco-conscious, ethical style.


Danish brand Samsoe Samsoe have made a lasting impression with not just by design, but intention too... Utilising recycled fabric, and organic materials, makes them a Scandi brand to watch.


Jumper 1234's cashmere is sourced from the nomadic herdsmen in Mongolia, who hand comb the goats that produce it each spring. As the weather grows warmer, each March sees each goat start to moult and only then are they combed to obtain the rare fibres. The entire process is kinder to the goats and the herdsmen that live alongside them, and the resulting cashmere is among the softest we've come across at 32.


Classic shapes, modern principles

Made from fabrics chosen with traceability, transparency, and recyclability in mind, Italian-British designers Harris Wharf London have long been Zoie's faves. "I love the clean, timeless styles, and we all love their approach to production too. They really consider the environmental impact of every detail in the production process – we're so impressed."
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