LABORATORY PERFUMES: Unique, Stunning & Vegan

LABORATORY PERFUMES: Unique, Stunning & Vegan

Amber Atlas Vegan Laboratory Perfumes

Sali Hughes, our favourite beauty journalist and writer of Pretty Honest, recently included Laboratory Perfume in her best vegan fragrance recommendations and we are under no illusions as to why!

Amber has long been one of our bestsellers in-store, with Atlas close behind in our offering from the British fragrance brand. Contrasts in tones but equals in beauty, Amber and Atlas offer fresh musky notes and warming spices respectively.

As well as being vegan, Laboratory gives a unique take on what fragrance should be. As well as sourcing recyclable or reusable packaging, sustainable ingredients and maintaining a proudly cruelty-free status, their approach to fragrance is as distinct as the scents themselves.

"I don't believe different genders like different scents... We eat the same food, we enjoy the same art, so do we then have to have separate fragrance choices?"

Laboratory Perfumes founder, Aaron Firth

We're also struck by how, much like our beautiful Escentric Molecules range, their eau de toilettes are "scientifically formulated to react to the wearer and evolve throughout the day..." We know anyone who has worn their scents can confirm that this is the case!

Given that they create with passion and entirely in England, it's little wonder that we love what Laboratory Perfume do and how they do it too. Click here to shop our range (and fall in love).

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