In Veja We Trust: Serious Style, Serious Ethics

In Veja We Trust: Serious Style, Serious Ethics

'VEJA meaning LOOK in Brazilian - Making Shoes Differently since 2005' 

As we mark seven years since 32 The Guild first opened its doors, we take a look at one of most loved brands, Veja.

Thanks to Zoie's background in footwear design and keen eye for detail, the ethical trainer brand soon joined The Guild's repertoire of considered clothing, lifestyle and footwear. As with many of many of our iconic designers such as Grenson, Bella Freud and Escentric Molecules, the French brand has become almost synonymous with The Guild, often remarked by our customers as "a one stop shop for all your Veja needs".

In fact, we can't quite remember a time before the sneaker label dominated our shop floor; from their core V10 in extra white to re-worked classics featuring neon accents that often tempt us into having 'just one more pair'. A guilt-free purchase as we know each pair will become a wardrobe staple for many years to come.


Now at the forefront of sustainable footwear manufacturing and regarded as much more than just sneaker style, Veja are increasingly known for their ethically conscious values at every level; from sourcing raw materials directly from local farmers to improving the social welfare of their workers.

With serious style and sustainability at their core, it's no wonder Veja is adored by so many, fast becoming the 'It' trainer for cool girls and celebrities alike, such as Meghan Markle (also a fan of our Finlay London sunnies), Emma Watson and Katie Holmes to name but a few.


                            Photo Credit @Vogue @Marie Claire

As we've watched them grow into a global brand over recent years, continually striving to improve their efforts in sustainability and social levelling, we are so proud to remain as one of their supporting indies, always offering a diverse collection of our favourite Veja styles.


Here are just a few of our highlights as to why they remain one of our most celebrated brands....

Fair trade - direct negotiations with producers, cutting out the middle man. Pre - agreed price of raw materials such as organic cotton which enable security and fair prices for local farmers.

Ethically sourced & sustainable materials - Certified organic cotton, recycled materials such as B-Mesh which on average uses 3 recycled plastic bottles per pair. Many linings made from recycled polyester.

Global impact - Continually assessing their environmental responsibilities such as transporting of goods - ie. opting for shipping rather then air freight.

Non-Toxic Materials - Increased use of their chrome-free leather which found be found in Campo, achieved following rigorous testing to eliminate all toxins.

Minimal marketing - Investing into supply chain rather than large budget adverts and marketing. Then brand have always remained open about the manufacturing price of a pair of sneakers, recorded as costing 5 times more than the average trainer as a result prioritising ecological materials, staff welfare and on the whole a more ethical brand culture.

Culture - Veja work with several NGOs - such as Ateliers Sans Frontiers who promote re-integration of people excluded from the workplace with an emphasis on re-training staff. Model ESPLAR is named after a Brazilian NGO that provides technical support to organic cotton farmers to help protect and grow their crop naturally.



Transparency is their thing, so if you'd keen to dig a little deeper into the Veja pursuit of sustainability, visit their website where you can ready up on The Veja Project.


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