Our Working From Home Wardrobe

Our Working From Home Wardrobe

As tempting as it may be to stay in your pjs all day, for us, choosing to feel good in what we wear elevates our mood, shifts our mindset into work-mode and helps us become much more productive. We've always been big advocates of investing in your everyday staples, the pieces that work the hardest in your wardrobe, and now more than ever, we seem to be living by that ethos. We've selected some of our at home favourites, those 'worth getting showered for' pieces that let's face it, make us feel a little more like ourselves.


Thankfully loungewear has come a long way in achieving some much needed casual chic and no one could be more pleased than us. Perfect at integrating comfort and practicality into contemporary living, the humble jogger provides just the right amount of easy off-duty styling. Whether you opt for ultimate cashmere luxe from our beloved Jumper 1234 or prefer a flash of rainbow in the Wyse soft merino jogger, both are perfect for pairing with a comfy slide, sneaker (or slipper).


As self confessed cashmere obsessives, we are truly spoilt at The Guild with gorgeous pieces from Jumper1234, Wyse and Bella Freud. By no means are we suggesting a need to dress top to toe in the good stuff (as luxurious as that would be) but for us, a little bit of luxe comfort goes a long way; whether it's a cosy knit, comfy jogger or house-sock. Known for regulating body temperature though its unique properties, natural fibres create a softness like no other and with a little care, the right piece of cashmere will become a wardrobe staple to treasure forever.

Ditching the house slippers but not quite ready to go barefoot, we've found comfort in our favourite luxe socks. From Jumper 1234's sustainably soft (and machine washable) cashmere to Bella's signature 'Lion & Solidarity' fleece lined socks of joy. So perfect for indoor living.

We can't deny that a touch of gold and silver is bringing us some much needed sparkle to our new normal. Known for perfecting the art of mixed metal layering, Chambers & Beau create super wearable pieces in their uniquely cool designs. A favourite by all.



We're keeping it low key in Maison La Biche. Crafted in the softest organic cotton, each embroidered slogan brings a little 'je ne sais quoi' to the humble t-shirt. Our current favourites include their boy-cut LOVE LIFE and classic Off-Duty.

We don't know about you but a good sweatshirt is ticking all the boxes for us right now and WFH outfits aside, The Guild uniform often consists of an oversized sweat, favourite denim and box fresh Veja sneakers. This season we're looking to Humanoid for their gorgeously soft and perfectly oversized pieces.

We're always looking for inspiration and would love to know which WFH outfits have you feeling motivated...Comment below X
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Such a lovely selection! When this s**t is over (and it will be) I’m coming to your lovely shop and I’m spending. For now I’ve got lots of lovely sweats and cashmere to keep me going, but am yearning for summer dresses! X


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