What We’re Watching

What We’re Watching

What We’re Watching

Getting the chance to put our feet up and put something great on to watch is something we’ve always appreciated, and today we wanted to put together some recommendations on the shows and goodness that have been gracing our screens of late… You’ll even find a little documentary action alongside some of our favourites too!

Next In Fashion

If you love Tan France and Alexa Chung, you are seriously in luck, as Netflix’s Next In Fashion series will have you happily hooked. A competition show, but one that will have you genuinely invested, 18 contestants are gathered under France’s and Chung’s guidance and judgement to compete for $250,000 and the opportunity for an amazing leg up into the fashion industry’s world. Guest judges galore count among the cast, with talented creatives making their mark while we watch.

Race Across The World

It’s always exciting to see a brand new competition concept in action, and we were instantly drawn in. Teams of two are given the price of an air ticket in cash and challenged to make their way to a new destination each week – fastest there wins. Featuring couples and even mother and daughter combos, it’s instantly addictive and hugely enjoyable too. Zoie has been watching with her children too, as it makes for such an entertaining but educational viewing experience… We are all engrossed.

Every Stacey Dooley documentary, ever

We absolutely love Stacey Dooley; more than just a cool kid’s crush, she’s also a great storyteller with an eye for subjects that get you to feel as well as think. Among our favourites from her series Stacey Dooley Investigates is The Whale Hunters; though a contrast to the clearly women-centric episodes that have made her name, it was a really thought-provoking watch too.
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